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Sell My iPhone – Trade in iPhone

How do I sell my iPhone? If you want to trade in or sell iPhone handsets, we keep things simple. Just look for your existing Apple iPhone, register the model, make, condition and network of your handset with us and we’ll send you a postage pack for you to return it to us. We offer fast payment by bank transfer and free delivery on all UK orders, helping to make the process quick and easy.

I’d like to sell my old iPhone - but how old is too old? While it is possible to still use older models for basic functions such as making calls and web browsing, there are a number of potential disadvantages to consider. Support for older Apple handsets tends to become more limited over time, which can potentially lead to issues with functionality, performance and security.

What about obsolete models? Out-of-date or “obsolete” handsets are a common concern with iPhone users. Apple uses this term to refer to handsets that have been discontinued for seven years or more, while “vintage” models refers to iPhones that haven’t been available for over five (but less than seven) years.

Can I sell my iPhone sustainably? We take sustainability seriously. For every purchase made, we promise to plant one tree - and all our phones are sent using biodegradable packaging. Most importantly, we make sure even damaged iPhones get a new lease of life, through refurbishment or by recycling the materials used to make them.

Sell Old iPhone – Sell Apple iPhone

So that our customers get the best price, we offer a price match guarantee based on comparisons with other phone recyclers. Additionally, if you choose to sell your iPhone with us, we’ll pay 100% of the offer price - or we’ll return your mobile phone to you for free.

I want to sell my iphone - but what if it’s broken? To sell Apple iPhone handsets with us we need to determine the condition of your phone. This is “graded” according to three categories: good (damage-free and fully functional), poor (working but with some minor flaws) - or faulty, which means the handset is not working. If this is the case, we cannot sell a broken iphone (if it is beyond repair) - but we can still recycle it while offering you the best possible price.

Which iPhone model do you accept? The earliest model we currently accept is iPhone8 - we accept all kinds of iPhones including iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 up to and including the latest versions. As part of our testing program, we make sure that each model is capable of holding an average battery life of 80% or above.

Sell iPhone 14 Plus with

Have you just caught sight of the latest phone advert and are now pondering, "Where can I secure the best price for my iPhone 14 Plus?"

If this resonates with you, your search for answers ends at

Bid farewell to your old gadgets and keep reading to uncover the advantages of selling your iPhone 14 Plus with us.

Why Choose to Sell iPhone 14 Plus

Here, you can receive a price for your old gadget within a few simple steps.

Register your Old Device: Simply find your phone among our lineup of accepted iPhone models and input its details, such as selecting the correct condition, storage size, and network connection. Then, press 'Sell This Device'.

Instant Quote: An instant quote should appear on the screen, which you can accept or decline as best you see fit.

Free Postage: If you wish to accept, let us know, and we'll send over a Freepost package, allowing you to post your device back to us free of charge.

Note: It's always best to ready your phone for reselling before sending it in. Check out our Sell My Old iPhone article to discover more.

Fast and Easy Payment

At UR, we recognise that prompt payments are crucial, and this is where we excel.

Once your Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128GB, or other storage model, arrives at our door, our team is ready and waiting to check that your device matches your initial description. After it's been accepted, we'll initiate a same-day payment to ensure your money will land in your account in no time.

No waiting around, no hassle. At UR, your time holds value.

Respect for the Environment

We offer more than just a great price for your old device; our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability ensures that each transaction with us contributes to a brighter, greener future.

In our hands, old, broken iPhone 14 plus models are skilfully disassembled and revived to function nearly as well as new. And those components deemed irreparable? We recycle them responsibly, aiding in environmental preservation and minimising e-waste.

Additionally, we plant a tree for every old phone we resell, collectively nurturing a healthier, greener environment for all.

Our Commitment to You

Selling your cherished Apple iPhone 14 Plus can be an emotional decision, especially when it's loaded with memories of that special night out or dinner with your family. So, we understand that questions naturally arise.

Sometimes you might wonder how the phone's storage size impacts its value?

Or if we accept damaged phones with broken buttons?

But don't just sit there and worry; instead, call us. Our in-house customer services team is always on hand to answer any of your questions, big or small.

Sell iPhone 14 Plus with Today

In the rapidly changing world of technology, upgrading to the latest phone model is a common desire. But why let your 14 Plus gather dust in a drawer?

Transform it into something valuable by exploring its worth with us. Selling your gadget, whether it's a newer model or an older, broken iPhone, becomes more than just a simple transaction.

It's a fusion of celebrating technology and embracing sustainability while ensuring you receive a fair price.