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Sell My iPhone – Trade in iPhone

How do I sell my iPhone? If you want to trade in or sell iPhone handsets, we keep things simple. Just look for your existing Apple iPhone, register the model, make, condition and network of your handset with us and we’ll send you a postage pack for you to return it to us. We offer fast payment by bank transfer and free delivery on all UK orders, helping to make the process quick and easy.

I’d like to sell my old iPhone - but how old is too old? While it is possible to still use older models for basic functions such as making calls and web browsing, there are a number of potential disadvantages to consider. Support for older Apple handsets tends to become more limited over time, which can potentially lead to issues with functionality, performance and security.

What about obsolete models? Out-of-date or “obsolete” handsets are a common concern with iPhone users. Apple uses this term to refer to handsets that have been discontinued for seven years or more, while “vintage” models refers to iPhones that haven’t been available for over five (but less than seven) years.

Can I sell my iPhone sustainably? We take sustainability seriously. For every purchase made, we promise to plant one tree - and all our phones are sent using biodegradable packaging. Most importantly, we make sure even damaged iPhones get a new lease of life, through refurbishment or by recycling the materials used to make them.

Sell Old iPhone – Sell Apple iPhone

So that our customers get the best price, we offer a price match guarantee based on comparisons with other phone recyclers. Additionally, if you choose to sell your iPhone with us, we’ll pay 100% of the offer price - or we’ll return your mobile phone to you for free.

I want to sell my iphone - but what if it’s broken? To sell Apple iPhone handsets with us we need to determine the condition of your phone. This is “graded” according to three categories: good (damage-free and fully functional), poor (working but with some minor flaws) - or faulty, which means the handset is not working. If this is the case, we cannot sell a broken iphone (if it is beyond repair) - but we can still recycle it while offering you the best possible price.

Which iPhone model do you accept? The earliest model we currently accept is iPhone8 - we accept all kinds of iPhones including iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 up to and including the latest versions. As part of our testing program, we make sure that each model is capable of holding an average battery life of 80% or above.

Sell iPhone 12 Mini with

Are you looking to part ways with your iPhone 12 Mini? Whether it's an old device or one with a cracked screen, selling it might seem daunting...but it doesn't have to be.

With, you don't just sell an iPhone; you opt for a straightforward and rewarding experience.

If you're nodding in agreement and eager to learn more about the perks offered by UR, then read on. We've got insights on everything from securing the best price for your device to ensuring its next life is eco-friendly.

Why Choose for Your iPhone 12 Mini?

Trading in gadgets often brings along concerns of not fetching their worth. At, we ensure that such problems are addressed even before they arise.

User-Friendly Interface

Our platform resonates with the philosophy that simplicity is luxury, especially in the age of ever-changing technology. Clear and concise, we've designed our service to support you every step of the way, no matter your technical prowess.

Whether you're aiming to sell your iPhone, or trading in another, our process ensures you face no roadblocks throughout.

Plus, we recognise that all devices hold value, even those broken devices with a cracked screen. So, rest assured, every phone gets an accurate and fair valuation in mere moments, regardless of condition.

Effortless Procedure

Our procedure is not just about ease, it's about transparency. Initiate the process with an online valuation that focuses specifically on the model and condition of your iPhone 12 Mini - It's about understanding the value locked within your device.

Once you accept our offer, We'll send over a Royal Mail postage label to enable you to post back your device at no cost to you. Our team will then verify its condition and details once it lands in our hands.

And, before you know it, the bank transfer is done, and the cash is yours.

Unbeatable Pricing for Your iPhone 12 Mini

We all cherish our devices; they've been in our possession during memorable moments, helping us capture memories or stay connected with loved ones.

Parting with them should only be a winning game.

Market-Savvy Pricing

At, our team diligently tracks the fluctuating device market, ensuring that you are quoted a price that reflects the true value of your iPhone 12 Mini.

This dynamic pricing model guarantees that you'll receive the best price possible, whether it be a new device or old.

And if that doesn't tempt you, we'll also ensure prompt payment once your device passes all our checks. With options ranging from PayPal to direct bank transfers, just pick one that suits you best.

Secure Transactions Every Time

In today's digital age, security is not a luxury; it's a necessity. That's why your peace of mind is our utmost priority when you trade in a device.

Safe and Protected

At, we don't just talk about trust; we earn it.

When you choose to trade in your old device with us, rest assured that from the moment you tap on our website to the moment you receive your bank transfer, your journey is enveloped in layers of security.

All details, whether they're about the phone or about you, are encrypted and safeguarded by our stringent security process, designed to protect your data.

In a nutshell, with us, not only do we handle your old phone responsibly, but your personal details and transactions are, too.

Commitment to the Environment

In the era of rapidly advancing technology, gadgets multiply, but unfortunately, so does e-waste.

At, we're not just standing by. We're rolling up our sleeves to tackle this environmental challenge head-on.

Reducing Electronic Waste

When you trade in your phone with us, you're doing more than just decluttering; you're helping the planet.

Rather than letting your old phones sit unused or, even worse, tossed into the trash, we give them a fresh makeover. We breathe new life into each device, so it's ready for another round to record precious memories.

Plus, handing down refurbished devices isn't only a wallet-friendly option for the next user; it's like giving our Earth a little high-five. Every time you choose to recycle, you're championing a greener, more sustainable way of life.

Eco-Friendly Practices

But our environmental commitment isn’t limited to the devices. For every phone we refurbish, we make an active choice to plant a tree.

This way, every time you decide to sell your iPhone or any old device with us, you're not just securing the best price for yourself, but you're also making a tangible difference to our planet.

Exceptional Customer Assistance

In a world dominated by technology, the human touch often takes a back seat. At, we strive to bridge that gap, ensuring that every individual who visits our page feels valued and assisted.

Always On Hand

Selling your trusty iPhone 12 Mini, the gadget that's been with you day in and day out, can feel a bit daunting.

Questions might pop up, like "How do I make sure all my personal photos and messages are gone for good?" or "I've got a couple of other old phones lying around – can I recycle them too?".

And if there's a little crack on the screen or some wear and tear, you might wonder, "Will that change how much I get?" No stress.

Our friendly team at is here for you. No robotic chats or generic answers – just real people offering genuine help for every concern you might have.

Trust Matters

In our techy world, real talk seems to be a rare find. But at, we keep everything straightforward and genuine.

You can see it in the glowing feedback on sites like Trustpilot. We're not just about good reviews, though; we genuinely care about every single device that comes our way.

Whether you're selling the latest model or parting with your trusty old iPhone, we give it the detailed attention it deserves.

Our website might make selling look easy, but behind the curtain? There's a passionate crew committed to making sure you pocket the most cash from your device and feel good about the whole process.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Thinking about upgrading or just decluttering? Either way, you've got an iPhone 12 Mini that deserves a new home.

At, we ensure your device gets the best price, and you get paid swiftly. Whether it's an old phone or a slightly broken one, every device holds value here.

So, don't let it collect dust or add to e-waste. Trade it in responsibly, and pocket some cash while you're at it.

Go ahead, tap into our seamless process, and sell your iPhone today. Let's make that old phone count for something more!