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Selling your old iPhone 12 Pro 128GB shouldn't be a tricky process. In fact, it should be as easy as visiting a website, pressing a few buttons, and receiving a quote in seconds.

Lucky for you, offers just that.

Here, you can receive cash for your Apple iPhone in four simple steps, ensuring you can get cash for your old phone in days.

Continue reading to discover how to get started.

UR's Easy-to-Do Process

Start the process by:

Register Your Device: Select the correct Apple iPhone model from the list above, then click on the storage size, condition, and network connection that best describes your iPhone 12 Pro. Next, select 'Sell This Device'.

Receiving an Instant Quote: You should then receive an instant quote reflecting the true market value of your 12 Pro, unique to the details entered above.

Free Post Packaging: Do you wish to accept? Great! Keep us informed, and we'll send a Freepost packaging or label as soon as possible. Before returning the device, make sure to erase all data and login details and remove any accessories.

Fast Payment: Once we've performed our in-house inspection and received approval, we'll transfer your payment that same day.

Selling your old iPhone 12 Pro couldn't be any easier.

Types of Devices We Accept

Do you have a different iPhone model you want to sell? Or are you concerned whether we'll accept a broken phone?

Here, we don't discriminate. We accept a wide range of gadgets, whether it's an old broken iPhone 12 Pro missing a button or two or a shiny new device straight out of the original packaging.

If the phone is on our listing, we'll offer you the best price that truly matches your phone's worth, warts and all.

The only devices we don't accept are those currently not in our listing or those displaying damage beyond economic repair. For more information, check out our terms and conditions.

Excellent Customer Service Team

Do you have a question about the sale of your old phone? Don't sit on those worries; get in contact!

At, our in-house customer service team is always here to help, offering advice on all phone-related issues, big or small.

Do you have a question regarding a bank transfer for a broken 12 Pro? Give us a ring.

Do you want more information on how we restore your old device? Send us a message.

We're committed to making your experience as smooth and transparent as possible. So, you can sit back and relax, knowing you're in safe hands.

Join Our Circular Economy

That's not all; if you're looking for another Apple iPhone, we've covered that, too!

Here, we responsibly recycle old phones, breathing new life into them so you can repurchase these gems for a fraction of their original, brand-new price. This not only allows you to enjoy the cutting-edge features of a flagship phone but also enables you to save money in the process.

Our curated collection features the refurbished iPhone 15, the refurbished iPhone 14, and the refurbished iPhone 13 series, each accompanied by £45 worth of accessories and a plethora of benefits designed to make your day brighter.

Sell iPhone 12 Pro Today!

With all these fantastic perks available, why wait any longer?

Undertake a few steps, and the cash for your old device could be in your hands in days.

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