About Us

Who are we?

We have been in the technology industry for more than 13 years building a successful business around new devices and equipment and more recently the refurbishment and selling of second hand mobile devices. Using industry-standard testing and certifcation partners combined with our own highly skilled technical teams we can recycle devices for another life saving them from landfill and damaging the environment. 


Over 50m tonnes of electronic waste is produced globally every year. This waste contaminates soil, waterways and air, damaging the environment and endangering the lives of those left to process it. The most effective way to reduce the amount of electronic waste produced and protect our environment is to recycle these products safely and responsibly - and thats where we come in.

How it works

We are on a mission to recycle your devices so they have another life - and perhaps another after that one.  In return we will offer value to you that you can maybe use towards your next phone or tablet or on anything else you want.  In this way you get a quick, easy and environmentally responsible way of selling your device without the hassle of a private sale.  We can then carefully refurbish and give your old device a new lease of life with a new owner. 

Selling your device to us is as simple as searching for your make, model and any network provider.  Then decide on what condition it's in and we'll give you an offer price there and then.  If your happy with that - add the IMEI or serial for your device and complete the sale - we'll even pay for the postage to us!

Send the device to us - please make sure all PINs, Cloud accounts etc are removed and any personal data is wiped or removed before you send. 

Once we have received and checked your device matches your sales order details, your money will be with you using the method you selected.