Apple iPad Pro 2018 3rd Gen 11-inch WiFi + Cellular 256GB

Select the condition of your device...

Choose this condition if your tablet is in perfect working order and looks good.

  • Tablet powers on, is fully functional; free from any physical damage or faults.
  • Display is original or a genuine OEM replacement; it can have light scratches. No delamination; cracks; heavy scratches; pressure marks/white spots; discolouration or dead pixels. No screen burn. Screen has not lifted.
  • Housing is in good condition, no delamination/peeling; no cracks in the case; home button; rear cover/glass, camera lens. No chips or heavy dents and is not bent.
  • Battery health is good.
  • All Buttons; Home Button; Touch ID; Face ID; NFC all function correctly.
  • Tablet has not been modified; Jail Broken or rooted.
  • Where applicable stylus must be included.
  • No liquid damage.

Choose this condition if your tablet is working properly but looks used.

  • The tablet should start up and operate without any issues, including no damage from drops or exposure to liquids. All features such as the Home button, Touch ID, Face ID, and NFC should be in working order.
  • The tablet may exhibit more pronounced indications of wear, such as scratches, scuffs, dents, or areas where the paint has worn off.*
  • The battery’s health should be at least 80%.
  • If the tablet originally came with a stylus, it must be included.
  • The tablet must be a UK version, unaltered in both software and hardware, without any unauthorized modifications, jailbreaking, or rooting.

*A few conditions to note: there can be more than three light scratches on the screen and over five on the casing; however, scratches on the screen should not be severe enough to create a rainbow effect. The screen should be free of cracks, pressure marks, screen burn, or dead pixels.'

Choose this condition if your tablet is not working properly.

  • Tablet has a serious functional fault.
  • Major faults include; tablet does not power on or charge; freezes or is stuck in a loop; Wi-Fi or Bluetooth fault; No Service; faulty proximity; accelerometer. Does not pair; connect or activate.
  • The LCD is not original or OEM replacement; is cracked; bleeding; has pressure marks/white spots; discolouration or dead pixels. Has screen burn. Screen has lifted.
  • Home button; Touch ID; Face ID; NFC do not function correctly. Home button is cracked/damaged.
  • Tablet has a bend/curve in the chassis.
  • Tablet has been modified; Jail Broken or rooted.
  • Tablet overheats.
  • Liquid damage.
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